The only way to get control of your life is to get control of your hormones

Hi, I'm James

I'm a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach that helps women connect better with their health, happiness and hormones so they can feel Fabulous Beyond 40.

After a long career as a Fleet Street journalist writing about health and travel, I decided to re-train as a nutrition therapist and health coach after my father died as a result of preventable poor lifestyle choices.

At the time I wanted to help myself so I could stay around for my own children, but I also wanted no other child - no matter how old - to feel the way that I did: that they should have had much longer with their parents if only they'd had a healthier lifestyle.

I offer a number of ways to work with me, from free challenges and nutrition breakthrough calls, to my Elevated Food For Life low-cost subscription programme, and one-on-one coaching packages.

If you are struggling with lack of energy, brain fog, poor sleep, reduced libido or any other challenges that come with changing hormones, book one of my FREE Fabulous Beyond 40 strategy calls to get a guaranteed kickstart to your health journey.





"I’ve lost weight, changed my body shape, and have seen a drop in body fat. My energy levels and strength have increased dramatically."

- Amelia (Leeds)

"I hired James to help me lose nearly two stone after having children. If he can help motivate a former couch potato like me, he can motivate anyone!"

- Julia (London)

"James’ ability to interpret my information holistically in the context of my lifestyle and fitness schedule, helped me identify what I needed to do."

- Karen (London)


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Elevated Food For Life

I've teamed up with top chef Jason Shaw for this fabulous healthy recipe and nutrition and lifestyle advice service.

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I Am Elevated

One-to-one coaching

Join me for highly personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching to take you to the next level. Various subscription packages available.

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Free Fab Beyond 40 strategy call

10 Foods to help with perimenopause

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book a free 45-minute FABULOUS BEYOND 40 STRATEGY call

Are you stuck when it comes to your health? Are your hormones getting the better of you? Do you need more clarity on a way forward? Book one of my free Fabulous Beyond 40 strategy calls and let's get you started.

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